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As Lollapalooza quickly approaches this weekend, we are bringing out our inner festival child. We recommend ditching the fringe top and distressed blue jean shorts, to go for a more simplistic gypsy inspired look.  Wearing the ‘Star of the Show’ top will go a long way.  Pair it with high-waisted black shorts or a long flowy skirt and a hat to complete the look.  Finally, before you take off, make sure you have our 5 essential items.

  1. Water Bottle: Festivals get hot, okay, there’s no way around sweating while dancing and walking around in the heat.  Make sure you have a water bottle ready to go and maybe a few extra because we all know sometimes you don’t want to walk that far.  We like to take disposable ones, that you can recycle at the end of the day. 
  2. Protecting your skin is one of the most important things while being at a festival. Being in the sun all day could be detrimental to your skin health, and lets be honest, no one enjoys being sunburnt. Our favorite sunscreen for our face is Dalla Riva Medical Cosmetics Replenishing Sunscreen.  It comes in a small tube with a pump for easy access.. it's literally the holy grail of face sunscreen.  The other we love is by NIVEA.  They offer spray bottles, without aerosol, so it may be applied quickly.          
  3. Okay, this goes along with being in the sun and sweating, deodorant. We cannot express this enough, WEAR DEODORANT!!!
  4. We cannot get enough of highlighter. Our favorite is the Benefit High beam, it’s a liquid highlighter that you paint on, almost like nail polish. This is our festival staple, must have, king of the crop, LIQUID GOLD! We put it on our cheekbones, under the brow, our shoulders and even our legs. This is how we make our legs look like they’re glowing from within.
  5. Lastly, you didn’t really go to a festival unless you wore glitter, did you? We say not. Whether it’s glitter paint in your hair, glitter spray or loose glitter for your face, we highly recommend packing extra in your backpack.^^^^^Image via pinterest


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