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Taking a break from reality and absorbing the world around me, keeps me sane. During my journey through college, I developed my love for seeing the world, embracing new cultures, and soaking in the worlds beauty around me. Whether I take a quick weekend trip or travelling for a week/s at a time, I always bring my essentials with me (aside from health/shower products)! Here are my top 5 travel essentials.

  1. Apple headphones

Whether I am sitting on an airplane for hours or sitting in an airport for hours, I take my headphones with me EVERYWHERE! Listening to music seems to help time pass by faster. I love these apple headphones because they have a microphone built in, allowing me to multitask when my hands arent free.. I can pull my luggage and talk on the phone at the same time!

2.  Portable Phone Charger

If you plan on exploring a new place, being stuck on a plane for long periods of time, or just wont have time to sit and charge your phone.. I highly suggest travelling with a portable phone charger. If you are like me, and use your phone to take all of your photos and stay connected with others- this will help you tremendously! A good portable phone charger should get a couple full charges in during the day. Long gone are the days of panicking with a dead phone! (But do not forget to charge the charger before needing to use it!)

3. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes

I take my makeup remover wipes everywhere! These not only do the best job removing my makeup, but they are so easy to pack in a small bag, purse, or luggage. These are also great for when you do not have access to a sink/water. Theyre definitely worth it for a quick removal.

4.  Mini Hand Sanitizer 


you are traveling, you are in an unfamiliar place, you do not know the hygiene of others, and probably millions of people have touched that thing you’re touching before you did.. Calling all germaphobes! As someone who washes her hand every time she gets home from a public place, hand sanitizer is my favorite. When I am not able to access a sink to wash my hands, or out and about all day. I always carry a small hand santizer with me. My favorite is Bath and Body Works minis. They get rid of the germs and smell amazing.

5. A backpack

For me, carrying a backpack with me wherever I travel is a must. I can put all of my other essentials, my valuables, and things that I will possibly need instantly, in my backpack. I can pack it up for the airport, for a beach day, or any other exploration. Run out of room in your luggage? No worries you have your backpack! Dont want to carry a purse? No worries you have a backpack? Like to carry snacks and drinks with you? No worries, you have a backpack!! Point is- backpacks always come in handy.


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